Compact and beautifully crafted, this handy little tool is designed to quickly and easily remove dirt nibs, runs, high spots or other defects from painted surfaces in one quick pass.

Colourful and highly detailed graphics appear to peel back the layers to reveal the inner workings of the air and material galleries.

Ineffective planning is the best way to seem like you are in over your head says Planning Plus.

There were certain situations where a finer grit would be handy so the local PPG team put in a request to MIRKA and now P800 and P1000 join the range.

Australia has one of the most diverse vehicle markets in the world and knowing the correct repair process for all these vehicles off the top of your head is impossible.

There are many ways PPG’s MVP Business Solutions team can help you boost workshop efficiency – one of the latest is simply switching up to 2K seam sealer technology.

The question of repairing ADAS fitted vehicles is now one of, if not the biggest, challenge facing the repair industry says Terry Golledge of Texa.

BENNETT MACHINE TOOLS has installed the latest technology USI ITALIA spraybooths into Australia.

Rural repairers are especially appreciative of speedy support and Killen’s Smash Repair acknowledges this is exactly what Pan delivers.

Masterbooth has been providing paint shop solutions to businesses throughout Australia for over 35 years and is run by second generation brothers Evan and Bill Kaye.

The spray painting industry has evolved substantially over the past 40 years since R&I Zambesi first opened their doors in 1980.

COVID-19 and the forced lockdown didn’t do the repair industry any favours - but it was particularly harsh to Johnny Karavasilias of MPSR.

Autohaus Prestige teamed up with Lowbake to create this stunning dealer shop in Silverwater, Sydney.

The Drester QuickRinse by Hedson has been developed to provide quick, thorough spray gun cleaning for water or solvent paints.

CAM Super Tuff is a new general-purpose oil resistant glove specially engineered for the automotive trade.

3M invested considerable time and effort understanding the challenges of traditional metal paint cup users and developing potential solutions.