RUPES is again changing the surface preparation and restoration industry, with the introduction of the iBrid BigFoot, Random Orbital Polisher, fusing the world of large orbit tools with cordless freedom, and expanding the brand’s range of dual power source tools.

The all-new HLR15 and HLR21, with 15mm and 21mm orbit respectively, uses a  18-volt battery, with 5Ah of capacity. This results in a run time of 40 minutes, at  full power, and a rapid 50 minute charge cycle time.

Far from simply adding iBrid to the current BigFoot polisher platform, the new polishers are re-engineered from the ground up for superior performance, ergonomics, and balance.

New technology includes an all-new, fully redesigned, poly eccentric gearset, for reduced vibration and noise levels, as well as an all-new, in-runner brushless motor for low maintenance, low heat generation (especially when compared to rotary action polishers), and even higher reduced sound output. This is all contained within a redesigned, carbon-look accented body, and allows for superior ventilation and a power output of 350W.

The new backing pad is also unique to iBrid BigFoot polishers, and while adding additional safety features like a rubber bumper, is integral to achieving the right balance for operator use and comfort.

An LED strip runs along the body of the tool, and aside from a cool addition, this serves a dual purpose about tool and battery status, pulsing when the battery is low, and flashing when excessive force is being exerted to the surface. During regular operation, it remains solid and still.

The HLR15 and HLR21 are available now in a BAS kit, which includes two batteries, and a dual battery charger, ensuring that work can continue, uninterrupted. The power adaptor is coming soon.


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