Compact and beautifully crafted, this handy little tool is designed to quickly and easily remove dirt nibs, runs, high spots or other defects from painted surfaces in one quick pass.

Colourful and highly detailed graphics appear to peel back the layers to reveal the inner workings of the air and material galleries.

Ineffective planning is the best way to seem like you are in over your head says Planning Plus.

There were certain situations where a finer grit would be handy so the local PPG team put in a request to MIRKA and now P800 and P1000 join the range.

Australia has one of the most diverse vehicle markets in the world and knowing the correct repair process for all these vehicles off the top of your head is impossible.

This tool brings light to areas that are otherwise poorly lit. This includes underneath truck, bus and commercial vehicle chassis and areas close to the ground

The new waterborne basecoat line is the result of intense research and development in cross-functional teams of experts.

PULL UP! utilises suction cups, glue and slide hammers to produce flawless panel repairs.

Standox adds a new clear to its Xtreme System to make bodyshops even more efficient.

DeBeer Refinish has recently expanded its colour mixing systems with the launch of two new toners; MM9564 Bright Green Blue and MM9575 Metallic Bright Blue.

The new workshop tool range is manufactured by Wurth.

BASF has introduced the new handheld colour retrieval instrument baslac e-finder star.

The latest products to hit the market are the all-new D-A Coarse compound and cut and finish wool polishing pad for rotary polishers.

sia, Bosch and Delmeq have come together to create a new, simple to use finishing system.

On surfaces that can become especially slippery, the new CS220 Percotop Antislip Additive from Axalta could be a life saver, or at least a slip saver.

Standox has updated its product label design so that they can be more easily identified.