The May/June magazine contains some helpful articles which address some of the current industry challenges.

Nominations are still open for the 2020 Awards.

"64% of automotive workshops reported that they are significantly impacted in the short term but believe ‘we’ll get through it.”

Veal started at GPI in 1982, retired in 2010, he then got tired of sitting around and re-joined GPI in 2012.

Andrew Hall will join the ICA from Commonwealth Bank.

“As we head into winter, we may see increased activity particularly from nocturnal wildlife as they cross roads in search of food and water."

The NTARC report discovered there were almost 100 more serious incidents in 2019 compared with two years prior.

Its international operating regions including Europe, Australia and New Zealand were not included in the US proceedings.

You'll need a pot of gold to buy this rainbow Bacalar.

Due to the prestigious nature of HSV vehicles, only repair shops that have gained the I-CAR Gold Class standard are eligible to receive the certification to repair these vehicles.

Worldskills invites you to save the day for the 20121 event in Perth.

Project Monaro, was an exciting custom-build of an iconic VZ Holden Monaro and goes to...

The Rising Star award, sponsored by Parts Check is to acknowledge industry leaders under the age of 35.

So far 28% of respondents are extremely confident their business can withstand the financial impact of the pandemic with 52% cautiously optimistic.

A survey suggests that traffic congestion could increase as people choose to drive to work.

VACC has launched Auto is open, a multi-media community awareness initiative with resources for repairers.