Darwin Crash Repairs becomes the first business in the Northern Territory to achieve I-CAR Gold.

Fiat, Chrysler, Peugeot and Citroen has merged and become Stellantis.

“Industry welcomes the release of the draft legislation, it is a milestone for automotive and a huge step forward for independent Australian businesses."

Automotive Right to Repair law is now another step closer.

Spirit Super will be Australia’s newest Industry Super Fund and will have approximately $23 billion funds under management and approximately 326,000 members across Australia.

Throughout the year, the AIC has completed a large number of varied projects for customers of all shapes and sizes.

Free business coaching and other assistance with your business - sound good?

An industry champion, a wonderful educator and a great friend to many.

The business is the first in Townsville to achieve I-CAR Gold.

Paint techs take note, a wider range of colors rolled off the world’s assembly lines in 2020.

ElectroLight is formulated with reflective properties that make it highly visible to light detection and LiDAR systems.

Hear from Symach's Osvaldo Beraglio and Mark Cunningham along with Aaron Scagliotta from Gino's Panel & Paint in Perth.

What have we learned from Covid? How do we stack up internationally? Tune in to this week's episode of The Edge.

The group has bought four truck repair businesses this year with more in the pipeline.

Hyundai predicts that in the future 20 percent of its revenue will come from robotics.

Nifty video showing the enormous new Sydney parts warehouse.