Automotive Technology

The E-GMP will underpin Hyundai's plans to introduce 23 BEV models including 11 dedicated BEV models, and sell more than 1 million BEVs worldwide by 2025.

Training is essential to cope with an era of high voltage vehicles says Dean Lander, Head of Repair Sector Services, Thatcham Research

More than 750,000 vehicles worldwide will receive the latest version of BMW System 7. It is also the largest over-the-air update ever rolled out by a European manufacturer.

The Multistrada V4 is the first motorcycle to use front and rear radar technology.

Hyundai has developed some industry-leading safety technology recently. Here are just a couple that are either on current models or will be soon.

A battery pack filled with Tesla's new 4680 cells could make up the centre section of a future model.

The Q5 features digital OELD tail lights which have a number of applications over just looking cool.

The new process speeds up the development of CFRP parts.

The future vehicle dynamics processor will be clearly more powerful than today’s ECP. It will operate about ten times as fast systems and be able to control up to 90 system participants.

It won't mean that there is the infrastructure or legislation to support it, but if anyone can get there first its likely to be Tesla.

The company is also taking COVID-19 precautions with individual climate control ventilation systems and air filters.

Ideas under consideration include blasting car interiors with ultraviolet light, using foggers to spray disinfectants, upgraded air filtration systems and antimicrobial materials.

Palisade is not only formed from 59 percent high-strength steel but uses 19 hot-stamped components that reduce weight by requiring less metal overall.

The seat tricks your brain into thinking it's walking.

Headlights are now so sophisticated that you need new technical skills to replace them correctly. Neil Riley, product manager for Hella who make many OEM headlight units, explains both the technical talking points and the repair solutions.

PPG also showcased a variety of products and technologies, including its full array of mobility coatings for the autonomous, connected, electrified and shared vehicle ecosystem.