KAESER Compressors now offers certification that its rotary screw compressors are entirely silicone-free.

At KAESER’s production facility in Germany, extensive efforts in production, quality management and purchasing have eliminated silicones throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Silicones are substances that interfere with paint wetting (LABS) and are the main cause of punctual, funnel-shaped depressions in the paint layer.

In order to avoid such paint faults, KAESER offers rotary screw compressors that are entirely silicone-free according to the Volkswagen Test Regulation PV 3.10.7. Volkswagen’s PV 3.10.7 is the most widely-used test standard for substances that impair paint wetting ability.

In all production and social areas of the KAESER factory, only silicone-free materials such as lubricants, greases, hand-washing pastes, lotions or hand care creams are used.

In addition, all production employees and service technicians are thoroughly trained on the issue through annual briefings and relevant work instructions. The effectiveness of the measures is checked and documented by regular audits.

The selection of suitable, silicone-free components is already controlled during product development and continues consistently during production and acquisition.

When ordering a new KAESER rotary screw compressor, customers specify the machine with the silicone-free option and will receive a certificate documenting the successful completion of the VW PV 3.10.7 test.

From 1st June - 31st August 2024, KAESER Compressors Australia is offering special pricing on the range of premium belt-driven rotary screw compressors. Email or call 1800 640 611 for more information.




KAESER’s rotary screw compressor production facility in Germany is silicone-free.


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