Sherwin-Williams has launched it's fully automated paint mixing machine called Pronto which takes human error out of the colour preparation process.

Not only can Pronto dispense the precise amount of colour needed down to a unit so tiny you'd ask it to, but it can mix up six colours at one time. Used in conjunction with a spectrometer and the appropriate colour retrieval system, the refinish technician keys in the colour and the amount of paint required and the rest of the process can be carried out by a non-skilled person. They just print out the colour label, stick it on the cup and take it off the machine when the colour is delivered in around 5 minutes for simple mixes, up to 11 minutes for more. 

The machine has a relatively small footprint and is totally self cleaning. Automation means the tinters are regularly agitated preventing any clogging or drying out. There are also obvious benefit of substantial savings in material waste. Pronto allows painters to concentrate on painting without the time taken to mix colours with the clean up that involves. 

For more information contact Sherwin-Williams.

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