It's not just the cars and the paints that are reshaping the way cars are prepared and repaired. U-POL has introduced innovative flexible, resealable packaging for a range of products including body filler.

This shift towards more practical packaging solutions is not just a fleeting trend but a significant advancement that enhances productivity and efficiency. U-pol has embraced flexible packaging, setting a new standard for product dispensing and application.

Products in the U-pol range currently supplied in the flexible pouches include Dolphin Glaze, Dolphin Speed Glaze, Gold Fine Filler, and Fibral (Fibre Glass reinforced filler).

When first launched, refinish professionals welcomed the introduction of flexible pouch packaging finding them more convenient, faster to use, and improved product lifespan after being opened.

How often have you re-opened a can of filler to find it has dried-up or formed a solid skin?

However, suggested improvements have led to the packaging redesign which will be introduced across the range.

Revolutionary new flexible packaging

U-pol is launching a new improved range of flexible pouches incorporating significant improvements over the existing bags. The major change is the relocation of the nozzle from the top to the side of the packaging. However, there are several other significant improvements. This new design enhances usability, minimises waste, and improves precision in dispensing the product, offering a cleaner and more controlled experience.

Benefits of the new improved bag

  • Self-standing: the current flexible pouch design needs lie on its side. Standing allows for less bench space and quicker to find and grab.
  • Angled nozzle for easier dispensing and cleaning: The new nozzle is angled providing greater control when dispensing the product.
  • Tamper proof cap and nozzle: when purchasing the product, it is nice to know the product hasn’t been open prior to your purchase.
  • Made from premium high-quality foil for durability: there are cheap bags and then there are U-pol bags. The new product packaging will survive to the last drop despite being manipulated and squeezed many times working on panels.

Why flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging offers numerous advantages over traditional rigid containers:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The ease of dispensing from flexible packages allows for quicker and more efficient application, saving valuable time in busy workshops.
  • Reduced Waste: The ability to squeeze out the exact amount of product needed minimizes waste, making operations more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Improved Storage: Flexible packages take up less space and can be easily stored, providing better organization and inventory management.
  • Increased Durability: The robust nature of flexible packaging protects the contents from external elements, ensuring the product's integrity until it's ready for use.

U-pol has not only adopted flexible packaging but has also been a key player in its development. Their approach to packaging reflects a deep understanding of the industry's needs, focusing on user-friendly designs that cater to the demands of professionals in the field.

The automotive refinish industry is poised for a future where flexible packaging becomes the norm, thanks to the vision and ingenuity of companies like U-pol. Their contributions are not just improving the present—they're shaping a more efficient and sustainable future for the entire industry.

For further information contact the U-pol (Australia) technical support team on (02) 4731 2655 or visit the website.


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