The new Car-O-Liner CTR9 has been designed to help panel technicians perform accurate welds in comfort thanks to a lightweight transformer with a 355° swivel handle.

GYSPOT ARCPULL 200 is a drawn arc welding product developed specially for car body thin sheets.

The VAS 821 005 is an inverter pulse MIG welder, with high speed digital technology, and maximum welding current of 320A.

This modular riveting tool offering innovative pressure control is the universal system of the future.

The GYS PTI Evolution, liquid cooled, inverter automatic spot welder represents a real advancement in the field of automotive spot welding equipment.

Panel bonding using the combination of adhesive and spot welding has become the norm in vehicle manufacturing globally.

With more OEMs writing repair procedures in the future calling for 3M IRSA and structural repair adhesives it is vital that repairers are up to date with the technology as its usage expands.

The system is Car-O-Liner's bespoke product for riveting and pressing out self-piercing rivets for autobody repairers.

The Wielander & Schill Xpress 800 is a modular riveting tool system with 250 kN (25 tons) pressing force.

The new premium shielded arc welding device VAS 821 003 is a safe investment for repairers.

Videos from the Collision Repair Expo from the 3M & R&I Zambesi spraybooth stands.

MeshPower features a matrix backing containing thousands of tiny holes to extract dust from the surface, improving the finish.

A selection of quick videos to give you a flavour of some of the new products on offer at this year's Collision Repair Expo.

Watch the video introducing MeshPower clean sanding.

Producs featured also include the ground breaking 3M Cubitron II and Trizact abrasives, Platinum Fillers and the premium Perfect-It compounds.