679S Ultra Productive Clear allows for very short drying times to significantly raise productivity.

Car-O-Liner has announced that the CTR 9 Resistance Spot Welder has received a global Volkswagen approval.

The Michelangelo Spray Booth blends high performance with state-of-the-art design thanks to its new front portal with glassed windows

SAN05 was developed to be used with SOF25S cleaning cloths where 5L of SAN05 will impregnate 490 wipes.

The new products provide the right undercoats for large surfaces, like luxury coaches and commercial vehicle cabs.

R&I Zambesi recommends a few key products to customers that can help dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to cure water based paints.

This handy tool has a number of uses around the paint shop to keep the job clean and speed up drying times.

The LEROS cuts sanding time in half on large, flat surfaces such as truck trailers.

Using the pioneering Axalta technology, the Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810 significantly speeds up work processes in bodyshops.

The ThermoFlo team are building a spectacular Refinish Department at Woodriff  Preferred Auto which will be the demonstration site for ANZ.

Compact and beautifully crafted, this handy little tool is designed to quickly and easily remove dirt nibs, runs, high spots or other defects from painted surfaces in one quick pass.

Colourful and highly detailed graphics appear to peel back the layers to reveal the inner workings of the air and material galleries.

Ineffective planning is the best way to seem like you are in over your head says Planning Plus.

There were certain situations where a finer grit would be handy so the local PPG team put in a request to MIRKA and now P800 and P1000 join the range.

Australia has one of the most diverse vehicle markets in the world and knowing the correct repair process for all these vehicles off the top of your head is impossible.

There are many ways PPG’s MVP Business Solutions team can help you boost workshop efficiency – one of the latest is simply switching up to 2K seam sealer technology.