Glasurit is committed to delivering a comprehensive range of innovative and sustainable solutions that help customers save time and money while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. In 2023 Glasurit will introduce to the Australian market UV-A solutions which will use less energy on each paint job, finish each job faster whilst outputting less CO2, allowing customers to get more jobs done. 

UV-A Technology is a smart way to complete car repairs offering a vast array of benefits to bodyshops. From significantly faster curing times that use less energy, to better hardness, durability and chemical resistance. 

Highly efficient repair process 

Glasurit’s smart UV-A technology ensures quicker curing times than any other curing method used in bodyshops today. Plus there’s no need to mix hardeners into the products. 

Exceptional for the environment 

UV-A light offers a huge reduction in VOCs and CO2 emissions in the curing process – making it safer and easier for bodyshops to use and far better for the environment. 

Reduces energy use 

Curing with UV-A light uses less energy and generates much lower surface temperatures, reducing the cooling phase – allowing painters to get straight onto the next stage of the repair, also reducing process times. No longer do you have to heat the entire spray booth or vehicle for the drying process. Plus it lowers the risk of plastic parts deforming during the refinishing process. 

Safe for painters 

UV-A technology also enhances painter safety. UV curing lamps are fitted with a filter to block the UV-B and UV-C rays, so only UV-A wavelengths are emitted –the safest of the the three wavelengths. 

Glasurit are looking forward to introducing the future innovative technology of UV-A solutions for the repair process to the Australian market later this year. 

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