Kemppi, has developed two welding machines designed specifically for the modern autobody repair workshop.

The Spectratek InstaCure UVLED curing lamp allows easy and complete access to all sections of a vehicle while providing a faster, safer, more efficient cure for automotive repair.

The new Iridium range from MIRKA is engineered to cut fast, repel dust and stay sharp to save you time and money.

Recalibration in house can improve cycle times and create another revenue stream. Hella Gutmann Solutions has launched its recalibration unit.

1Q1’s primary focus is flow management, and it does it well.

Carbeat, AkzoNobel’s digital process control solution was introduced in Australia in early 2018.

With Axalta’s Seamless bodyshop management system, your shop’s performance is always accessible.

This is a multifunction spot welding machine in the premium class with complete software package for worry-free automotive repair.

The latest Automatic Wielander & Schill GT Spot welder is approved by all major OEMs

Norton has a comprehensive range of abrasive solutions for the panel shop.

Videos from the Collision Repair Expo from the 3M & R&I Zambesi spraybooth stands.

MeshPower features a matrix backing containing thousands of tiny holes to extract dust from the surface, improving the finish.

A selection of quick videos to give you a flavour of some of the new products on offer at this year's Collision Repair Expo.

Watch the video introducing MeshPower clean sanding.

Producs featured also include the ground breaking 3M Cubitron II and Trizact abrasives, Platinum Fillers and the premium Perfect-It compounds.