The lamp is ideal for drying UV Primer & Clear Coat.

The additives can be used in almost all Spies Hecker clear coats.

The four new toners increase the colour reach of Valspar Refinish.

The product allows a painter to compare the sample plate with the desired colour for inspection.

PE2600 offers the flexibility needed for spot, multi-panel and overall refinishing.

A clear that dries in just five minutes.

With accompanying Express Prep Wipes U3000.

The company has revealed the next generation colour identification, mixing and management.

An ingenious design for safe aluminium dust extraction.

The company will now be providing access to both repairers and suppliers.

Bumper repair made easy with the GYS Hot stapler

The DeBeer Refinish Matt Clear Coat System is a high solids, VOC compliant, intermix system designed to provide a silky smooth matt finish.

The unit is almost half the size of its predecessor to enable comfortable, one-handed operation.

They deliver super absorbency, excellent strength and durability.

A step-by-step guide from Holden.