Silicones can be the cause of funnel-shaped depressions in the paint layer.

iBrid BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher is fusing the world of large orbit tools with cordless freedom.

It can mix 6 colours at once within 5-10 minutes and be operated by a non-skilled team member.

Benefits include less waste, easier dispensing and longer product life.

The IONSTAR anti-static gun is designed to neutralise static electricity in the refinishing process.

Asif Cash argues that the dainty footprint of this high tech product can help with both bringing in a profitable revenue stream and with productivity - no more waiting a fortnight for wheel repairs.

We're talking spray gun quality but with an aerosol you don't have to clean up and there's zero waste.

With a specially developed nozzle precisely tuned for clearcoat application, the SATAjet X 5500 Clearcoat Edition is the perfect tool to apply your finishing touch.

Workquip introduces new X1 gravity feed spray guns offering great performance and value.

DeBeer 8-814 Fast Performance Clear Coat provides fast drying with zero compromises.

Glasurit introduces an innovative new mixing clear for its 22 Line topcoat range that brings a whole new level of paint process simplicity.

Thanks to the direct-to-metal application, body shops can shorten process times by up to 17%.

Adventurous Sagola

The all-new Special Edition Sagola 4600 Overland Adventure spray gun has just gone on sale.

The new AraClass is unlike any other paint system in the world, with products consciously designed to balance increased profitability with sustainability

The new series of ergonomically designed sanders by Smirdex has been specially created for professionals.

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