PPG has a special holiday offer for its Epoxy topcoat if you are thinking of renewing your workshop floor.

Caddle Crash and Mount Pleasant Crash Repairs are keen advocates for Carbeat.

Precise analysis of colour, texture and effect pigments that can reliably determine even challenging colours.

Requires no flash off times between coats and is ready for sanding after just 20 to 40 minutes air drying.

Rapid Glaze uses advanced lightweight resin technology to enable full cure and easy sanding in just six minutes.

Two new products to help speed up cycle times.

The latest advances in three-dimensional paints are taking special colours to a whole new level say Sikkens.

Ditch the power cord and get the job finished faster.

 Apply directly to metal or plastic without any additional primer.

Glasurit 285-270 Primer Filler Pro for excellent corrosion protection and sanding properties

The latest colourful edition harks back to Elvis style hairdos and Cadillac Coupe de Villes.

Sikkens Autoclear LV Superior raises the standard for repair professionals.

Standox brings colour expertise of Classic Cars into the 21st Century.

baslac 25-35 white and 25-95 black primer fillers provide a high solids non sanding primer that has great coverage.

Ground-breaking new PPG clearcoat technology means LVC-105 EnviroFIVE Clearcoat cures in just five minutes - with no downsides.