Women in Smash Awards 2015

Assistant Minister Jamie Briggs

National Collision Repair Expo in full swing

The Expo gets off to a great start and AAAA challenges anyone to say the Australian Motor Industry is dead.

Stuart Charity

New vision for Australian automotive industry needed

It's now or never for the Federal Government says AAAA

AARN invites you to its stand at Expo

John Doolan lays out the AARN manifesto

Stunning bumper stand from Finixa at 2015 Expo

Visitors on day one snapped up Finixa's entire 400 strong stock - but more are on order.

GPI money-saving tape

Thrifty-minded Colin Edwards has come up with a new size tape to save customers 10 percent.

Tape for crazy custom stripes

J-Tape says don't be straight, their tape gives you more scope than traditional pinstripes

Advertisement - IRT PowerCure Arch

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It's not posh, it's Porsche

The new SATAjet 5000 B has been created in co-operation with the Porsche design studio.

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