Women in Smash Awards 2015

Up until now carbon fibre has been restricted to supercars and the luxury brands such as BMW

Carbon fibre to hit mainstream

We could be seeing carbon fibre used in mum and dad cars by 2025.

2.25% average profit 'big improvement' for UK chains

It was less than one percent last year however, ABP asks how bodyshops can invest in the future on these margins.

US auto recylers respond to CNN report

The Automotive Recyclers Association complains that insurers are 'steering' customers towards OE parts.

New Telwin technomig 210 dual synergic demonstration

Jeremy Locke of NCS talks about the features of this compact, automatic welder.

Fools who shouldn't work on cars

You wonder if some people are secretly on the payroll of scrap yards to provide materials.

Ford seeks to reduce carbon fibre costs

From Ford Gt to Ford Fiesta carbon-fibre continues its mainstream penetration.

Advertisement - IRT PowerCure Arch

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