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Repairable write-off’s will be required to be Guaranteed by the Repairer by a Certificate of Compliance, showing a record of all repairs, parts and sublet items used in the repair process.

Carmageddon ‘New World Mobility’ is a one-day automotive innovation symposium.

The focus on providing electric vehicle infrastructure is identified as a “forward-thinking, ambitious solution to support Australia’s future prosperity.”

Carl Brabander, former vice president of marketing is the new senior role of head of global franchise development.

"The Code of Conduct must not advantage or disadvantage any service provider over another and ensure consumer choice and a level playing field"

AAAA is concerned that vehicle manufacturers will charge exorbitant fees for information, special tools, training and equipment.

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MTAA now calls on government and regulators to immediately investigate the car insurance and repair industry.

The strategic investment is expected to provide the young start-up with access to the significant number of vehicles in the fleets managed by SG Fleet.

Profits are down 9.3%, while IAG's optimisation program has reduced operating costs by $40m.