As it celebrates its 4th Anniversary, PPG’s groundbreaking MOONWALK automated dispensing technology continues to define the paint shop of the future you can actually have today.

Since launching June 2019, MoonWalk has transformed day-to-day operations in literally thousands of refinish paint shops around the globe, including in Australia and New Zealand. Importantly, it’s been both collision centre owners and painters who have recognised the advantages of this unique technology. Once they have experienced MoonWalk, there is no way they are returning to old-fashioned paint mixing, according to John Hristias, PPG Sales Director Australia. 

Technological step change

“Just as breakthrough technologies continue to impact on other areas of our lives, so MoonWalk has brought a fundamental shift to paint shops all over the world. Amongst its key assets is its exceptional precision and its ability to virtually eliminate the human error factor. For a start, MoonWalk dispenses ENVIROBASE High Performance tinters to an accuracy of 0.01grams – something even the very best painters would struggle to achieve with consistency. And, MoonWalk will do it day in, day out without getting tired or, more importantly, making mistakes. By taking the mixing task out of the painter’s hands, it eliminates an opportunity for human error to creep in and, at the same time, it removes a stress point for the person performing the mix. With MoonWalk, you simply choose the colour formulation and the amount you want to mix and then get on with other productive tasks while technology takes over. Something else to consider is MoonWalk’s high-tech image which has really struck a chord with painters, as well as collision centre customers. In a red hot skilled labour market, a MoonWalk could well tip the scales in favour of your business.”

Minimised waste

By removing traditional waste points from the process, MoonWalk also offers big efficiency gains. For example, the Envirobase tinter bottles are installed upside down so every drop of product is used, rather than the industry average of 7% which collision centres traditionally throw away because it’s seen as too difficult to get out. In addition, MoonWalk eliminates the waste from inaccurate ‘human’ mixes, while also giving painters the ability to mix a little less for each job, rather than mixing extra volume ‘just in case’. If the mix volume is not quite enough, simply get MoonWalk to mix another, say, 50ml to complete the job.

Return On Investment (ROI)

“MoonWalk is not cheap but it’s not expensive either if you take into account the time it frees up for painters, the colour mixing accuracy and the minimisation of wastage and reworks, not to mention the full set of tinters that come with it. Unlike an expensive welder or pulling system, MoonWalk is also a tool you will benefit from every single day. PPG’s MVP Business Solutions team has actually created a MoonWalk benefit calculator to help determine the ROI for individual business. Depending on the size of the collision centre, the ROI can actually be faster than you think.”

For more information, speak to your PPG Territory Manager, your MVP Business Solutions Manager or the PPG Customer Service Hotline on 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).

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