Finixa’s latest offering in its body filler line is a light, easy sanding, filler GAP90/93. Available in two sizes including 1.9 kg (GAP90) and 3.8 kg (GAP93). This new product is an ideal solution for all repairs including spot/smart repairs with its universal adhesion and light nature.

This is a super-creamy textured filler compared to other Finixa fillers making application extremely easy and smooth while maintaining strong vertical hang properties off the panels. Its smooth and creamy texture allows for easy spreading and self-levelling, essentially eliminating the risk of pinholes with its excellent filling properties.

GAP90/93 sands extremely easily and will eliminate the need to use any finishing filler making this a perfect alternative to existing market leading premium fillers and at a more competitive price point.

For more information call Bodyline on: (02) 8036 8206.

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