New low-temperature cure PPG e-coats offer sustainability with performance. 

Since pioneering electrocoat in mass production back on 1963, PPG has set the global standard for e-coat performance and innovation and that continues with the launch of PPG ENVIRO-PRIMEEPIC 200R coatings. This advanced suite of e-coat products actually cures at lower temperatures than competing technologies, providing sustainability benefits for automakers, including lower energy use and reduced CO2 emissions at manufacturing facilities. PPG’s ability to develop a breakthrough solution is set to alter the market status-quo, says Garry Grant, PPG Global Product Manager, Substrate Protection Products, Automotive Coatings. 

“This is a game-changing technology. Conventional e-coats typically require higher oven temperatures to cure over thicker substrates and complex assemblies, resulting in uneven appearance and variations in colour. The PPG Enviro-Prime EPIC 200R platform ensures well-cured films at lower baking temperatures, providing a more sustainable solution without sacrificing manufacturing throughput or coating performance.” 

This is another element of PPG’s growth strategy, where the company is focusing on partnering with customers to provide industry-leading innovations and digital solutions that provide productivity and sustainability benefits. In 2022, 39% of PPG’s sales were from sustainably advantaged products – the company aims to increase that to 50% of total sales by 2030 under its new environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets. 

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