Glasurit 923-645 HS Clear scratch-resistant VOC repairs tiny scratches as if by magic and is very easy to apply. With its superior application and flow properties, Glasurit 923-645 HS Clear scratch-resistant VOC makes refinishing quick and easy, producing reliable and outstanding results. Its excellent reflow properties even permit tiny scratches to repair themselves automatically. 

The clearcoat’s outstanding surface and long-lasting gloss preserve the value of the vehicle in the long term and make for completely satisfied vehicle owners. 

"What impresses me most when using this product is the ease of application and also the polishing qualities of the product, whether polished immediately after cured or days later, the results are perfect," said James Green, National Head Trainer, BASF Australia. "This along with the surface hardness and gloss level makes this a great quality product." 

For an exceptional finish using the new Glasurit 923-645 Clear, speak with your locally approved Glasurit distributor today or visit 

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