The sharp increase to 12,880 claims marks the highest number of incidents since 2019.

Dirk’s free-to-attend sessions are: Prepare your Workshop for Electrification; EV Battery Handling and Service in Collision Repair; EV System Repair and Component Replacement.

The recent draft of the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) legislation reflects considerations proposed by MTAA with more realistic goal for a country which loves UTEs and SUVs.

Pete Ruggeri has over 40 years in the business and is as passionate as he ever was.

Do you find sometimes the body filler you have been using for years occasionally appears more difficult to sand?

This week's guest offers a deeper dive into what PartsCheck offers customers in addition to parts sourcing.

Trustworthy, sustainable and a great place to work says a clutch of awards from diverse sources.

It is hoped that Volkswagen's ‘RooBadge' will help reduce collisions with kangaroos.

The settlement is confidential but the AMA Group board says it is pleased with the outcome of the proceedings.

Mike Wilkinson gives us an insight into the repair scene in WA and talks about his role in ACIA.

Ferrari insurance has its drivers' backs up to an eye-watering $50million.

National Drivus Manager Robin Taylor take the wheel for this week's Turbo Talk.

A first time event aimed at supporting the local automotive industry, was attended by over 150 people from 75 automotive businesses.

Don't worry though only 26% say they will switch to public transport - and will they really?

Toyota will launch its first model with gigacasting on a Lexus in 2026 but is planning for cost effective repairability.

"Many reforms that would have put students at the heart of the skills training system are possibly off the table."