Automotive Technology

Self-healing hard plastics could be used for vehicle parts, composite materials and even body armour,

Hyundai says it significantly improves airbag performance in multi-collision accidents.

Future mobility windshields will be more than just a piece of glass. AR holographic powered glass will serve as a platform to provide new services and open up new in-vehicle experiences

Autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle present new challenges in terms of airbag placement.

Can the grid handle electric vehicle use? Not unless some infrastructure changes are made.

Chatty headlights? Yup, VW headlights will 'talk' to other vehicles. New lighting systems will include micro-pixel HD headlights with up to 30,000 light points.

The Robocar is designed by Daniel Simon, the automotive futurist who creates vehicles for Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters including Tron Legacy and Oblivion

Now with a hint of Audi - a glorious vision for the future.

New eye-tracking technology could soon be used to determine whether drivers are too tired to get behind the wheel.

Hydro High Strength 400 aluminium alloy achieves yield strengths above 370 MPa and ultimate tensile strengths greater than 400 MPa.

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Holden’s first win at Bathurst in 1968 the Melbourne studio came up with this concept.

Volvo suggests its new autonomous car concept could give the airlines a run for their money.

"Combining efforts with Uber, one of the predominant global ride-sharing and automated driving R&D companies, could further advance future mobility,"

That Mr Musk likes to do things differently and is including Atari games in the next Model 3 software update.

There's a great deal of talk about EVs but very little consumer action as yet with approximately 0.18% of the vehicle park running on volts.

It is the first Mercedes-Benz model to be developed at the new Technology Centre for Vehicle Safety (TFS).