My pappy said Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop drivin' that hot rod Lincoln. Great retro video.

This is the most complex production car body that Audi has produced and includes aluminium, carbon fibre, magnesium and multiple steel types.

Really horrible prank - don't try this at home.

Malaysian girl scares the bejesus out of the guys.

We're feeling a motorbike vibe this week so here's a mini-stunt and fail compilation.

If you're going to overtake with a caravan, make sure that you have appropriate space to do so!

This week's video reminds us that it's always important to check your vehicle for unwanted guests.

In this week's video, a Florida man demonstrates why it's sometimes better to just stay in your car.

This week's video shows off two jet turbine powered dragsters ready for take-off at over 290 miles per hour.

We continue our chronicles of people driving vehicles that clearly shouldn't be on the road.

Sometimes its better to just pull over when your vehicle isn't working correctly.

The chronicles of a police chase as captured by a very confused news team.

The Mobileye vehicle utilises 12 cameras to analyse its surroundings as part of its first testing phase.

Even the most ardent beer lover will wince at this one.

The lengths people will go to avoid paying their excess.

There has been so many crashes that one man has started a website dedicated to showing the accidents that occur.