It's Monday so why not?

A random video of some folk ripping up the sand in Noosa on Australia Day.

Reaching speeds of up to 230 km an hour the police cut four hours off the journey.

Russian YouTube star sets fire to his Mercedes-Benz AMG while scoffing sausages.

A scooter rider from Taiwan causes a 10-car pile up trying to evade police.

Mad drag races

Tanks, VW Beetle versus Nissan GTR - a selection of crazy drag races.

Did you mangle $2million of brand new cars?

Some four wheeled tomfoolery to put a smile on your face.

There are some corkers in here - Vic repairers this is for you as you particularly need to smile.

Luxury British car maker teams up with Brough Superior.

Impala rocket car

A classic Mythbusters experiment to keep you warm on a chilly day.

Best TV adverts?

Maybe not the absolute best but worth a watch.

A little fun - because we all need a giggle.

An inventive and entertaining use for hoarded toilet rolls.

Cats and dogs behind the wheel, please watch when you need cheering up.

Hypercar hype?

Czinger Vehicles has revealed the full specifications of its 21C hypercar, of which just 80 will be built.