Featuring the ultra-sharp slicing power of a razor blade, without the safety issues, MIRKA’s Shark Blade is ideal for quickly and conveniently removing paint imperfections. 

 The teeth of predatory sharks, such as the Great White, are legendary for their razor-sharp slicing ability and the new MIRKA Shark Blade works on the same principle. Compact and beautifully crafted, this handy little tool is designed to quickly and easily remove dirt nibs, runs, high spots or other defects from painted surfaces in one quick pass. It gets its excellent slicing ability from the fact that it’s made from super hard and durable carbide steel – similar to the metal used to make the cutting portions of drill bits, router bits, and radial saw blades. To use it, the Shark Blade is simply tilted onto its chamfered edge and gently pushed against the dirt nib, paint blobs, runs, sags, etc. The special contoured shape gives it the ability to smoothly follow body profiles and get into tight areas. Thanks to the extremely hard carbide steel blade, the chamfered edges of the Shark Blade remain remarkably sharp and true, ensuring it retains the ability to slice through paint imperfections long into the futureSupplied in a hard-wearing protective pouch with belt loop, along with a cord lanyard, the Shark Blade can be hung around the neck, to keep it conveniently at hand and ready for action. 

 The Shark Blade is available from authorised MIRKA distributors across Australia and New Zealand.  




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