Around ten years ago, renowned American airbrush artist and owner of Finishline Design, inspired painters all over the globe when she designed the Satajet 4000B Heart & Soul special edition spray gun. Leah’s talents have once again been put on display as she offers a glimpse into her colourful, multifaceted life with the new Satajet X 5500 True Soul.

This latest Satajet special edition comes with a colourful, detailed and durable exterior finish. Wrapping right around the gun surface, the wild, beautiful, vivid design includes dragons, women, exotic fish, eagles, a skull and a classic V-twin motorcycle engine, among other things.

Although a special edition spray gun it still comes with all the features of the regular Satajet X 5500, including the X-nozzle system. This range of nozzle options makes it easy to suit a painter’s personal spraying preferences, the paint brand being used and application conditions ranging from a cold, dry Melbourne to a hot, humid North Queensland.

The Satajet X 5500 True Soul is available in selected nozzle sizes, with the option of HVLP or RP technologies, as well as in non-digital or the digital format with an air pressure gauge built into the gun handle. Previous editions have been popular.


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