PPG has announced the introduction of PPG VISUALIZID - advanced 3D visualization software and the PPG DIGIMATCH digital color camera for easier and faster color matching in body shops. The advanced tools are the latest components of the PPG LINQ end-to-end digital solution for the global refinish industry.

PPG has announced the introduction of PPG VISUALIZID™ advanced 3D visualization software and the PPG DIGIMATCH™ digital color camera for easier and faster color matching in body shops. (Photo: Business Wire)

With the PPG LINQ digital solution, refinish customers can streamline their repair process by using PPG’s cloud-based platform and its interconnected digital hardware, software and innovative services.

The PPGDigiMatch multi-angle digital color camera helps body shop employees match color easier and faster. It features an ergonomic design that is lightweight and can be used with one hand. The camera’s six imaging angles and six reflectance angles, provide color and texture information to help retrieve the correct formula matches quickly and efficiently.

PPGVisualizIDsoftware takes information from PPG DigiMatch or PPG’s other spectrophotometers to help users find the best color match from PPG’s extensive color portfolio. It is the first software of its kind in the industry, digitizing a process that used to involve trial and error and ultimately reducing waste.

“We know that body shop owners are looking to digital solutions to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability,” said Chancey Hagerty, PPG global vice president, Automotive Refinish. “Developed and tested alongside customers, the PPG LINQ digital system helps meet these goals, allowing our customers to work more quickly and sustainably with features that provide optimized product consumption and waste reduction.”

The launch of PPGVisualizID software and the PPGDigiMatch camera follow the PPG MOONWALK system, which is the company’s award-winning, automated paint mixing system that launched in 2019. Additional components of the PPG LINQ system will be launched later this year.

“We are heavily invested in providing solutions that power the body shops of tomorrow on a global scale,” said Denise Lu, PPG marketing director, Automotive Refinish. “PPG VisualizID software and the PPG DigiMatch spectrophotometer will help increase efficiency and ultimately allow body shops to service more cars, faster and more sustainably.”

Kevin Woolerton, PPG Refinish Marketing Director ANZ said: “We see DigiMatch and VisualizID as absolute game changing technologies for the local collision repair industry and customers won’t have long to wait – we are aiming for a September 2022 launch in Australian and New Zealand. It’s another exciting milestone in the rollout of the overall PPG LINQ digital ecosystem.”

“It began with the launch of the trailblazing MoonWalk automated paint mixing technology. After featuring at the recent Collision Repair Expo, it has generated huge interest which has spread across Australia and New Zealand. Following on from the DigiMatch and VisualizID pairing, we are looking forward to even more PPG LINQ modules arriving, including LINQ Color and PPG Magic Box. The refinish paint shop will never be the same again and that is something to get very excited about.”

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