The new series of sanders by Smirdex has been specially designed for professionals. The Smirdex pneumatic orbital sander 965 seamlessly combines top-notch performance with unparalleled comfort for a superior sanding experience. With high quality and precise sanding, the new sanders have a patented low-vibration motor with advanced silence technology. Their ergonomic handle facilitates the adjustment of the dust absorption pipe and the compressed air line.

Thanks to its advanced silencing technology, the noise levels are significantly reduced, ensuring a quieter working environment. The low vibration levels minimise operator fatigue during extended use.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle and manoeuvre. The ergonomic, wrist-supporting design promotes comfortable, strain-free operation. The double-sealed, lubrication-free air motor enhances durability, while the inclusion of a multi-hole backing pad for 150mm Velour discs ensures outstanding results. The Smirdex 965 series offers a powerful tool that  prioritises both performance and operator well-being.

Available in 2.5mm and 5mm through the SAPE Group, for more information call (02) 9772 9097.

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