SATA's company’s latest limited-edition model, dubbed the SATAjet X 5500 Bionic, is here to celebrate the cutting-edge, precision German engineering found below the surface of SATA’s flagship model, the SATAjet X 5500. Colourful and highly detailed graphics appear to peel back the layers to reveal the inner workings of the air and material galleries which go into making this gun such an efficient, effective and easy to use tool. 

Behind the sophisticated graphics, the SATAjet X 5500 Bionic is a fully functional spray gun with all the features of the regular SATAjet X 5500, including the X Nozzle System. As a result, it’s perfectly suited to everyday paint shop use, though it could just as easily make an excellent addition to a collector’s display cabinet. The SATAjet X 5500 Bionic is available in HVLP or RP technology and in the highly popular DIGITAL (with the air gauge conveniently built into the gun handle) or non-digital formats, as well as a choice of nozzle sizes. WI’s important to remember that this is a strictly limited edition and, in the past, they have sold out quickly. Reserve your SATAjet X 5500 Bionic now at your authorised SATA distributor. 

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