BASF’s RODIMbrand of paint-related products has released their new and improved design of the mix and paint system (MPS-2). 

With three different volume options (400ml, 650ml and 850ml), paint shop team members are able to choose the perfect size for their paint job. 

The MPS-2 pack contains 50 lids and liners, 20 stoppers for storage and 1 outer cup and collar, each featuring a built-in 125μm or 190μm filter, ensuring your paint goes on smoothly and evenly every time. 

Spray technicians are able to save valuable time during the painting process by simply changing the inner liner and lid for every new job with the MPS-2 by RODIM . Thanks to the reusable outer cup and collar, the right mixing ratios are guaranteed, making it easy to achieve the perfect mix every time. 

The introduction of MPS-2 by RODIM ensures an unparalleled experience of convenience and efficiency. 

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