As Electric Vehicles (EVs) become more prominent on our roads, Australia’s automotive workshops need to be able to accurately diagnose and service these vehicles.

Burson Equipment has the EV diagnostic solutions to suit the smallest to the largest workshops, ensuring they are ready for current and new customers bringing EV’s to them and expecting prompt and accurate servicing, checking and repairs.

According to Phillip Scott, Diagnostics Category Manager, the way workshops approach vehicle servicing is changing at a rapid pace.

“As the EV car parc increases, traditional car servicing is now accompanied by reporting on battery life, complex system functions and overall EV system health.  

“Burson Equipment offers three state of the art EV diagnostic scan tool devices to automotive repairers and service centres. The Autel MS 909, MS 919 or the MS ULTRA Diagnostic Scan Tool Kits provide workshops with the ability to access the full electronic systems of these vehicles, including the powertrain, the inverter, the three phase air conditioning motor and the battery pack itself with full schematics,” Mr Scott stated.

In addition to providing a complete overview of each EV’s electronic system functionality, wiring diagrams, coding and location of system components, these Autel EV diagnostic scan tools can also identify an issue with any individual battery cell. This includes state of charge, state of health, total voltage, current amperage and battery temperature among the myriad of diagnostics available.

These Autel scan tools also allow battery packs to be comprehensively checked outside of the vehicle, ensuring that replacements are in perfect operating condition before vehicle installation.

“These Autel EV diagnostic scan tools help the transition of automotive workshops to add EV service and maintenance to the services that they provide to their customers. These outstanding automotive workshop scan tools can also be constantly updated with new EV model technical data as each new model is released.

“Burson Equipment provides customer support and training to ensure that all workshops can grow their business to include the increasing numbers of EVs on our roads," Scott said

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