Accelerating Efficiency and Sustainability with DeBeer 8-814 Fast Performance Clear Coat

DeBeer 8-814 Fast Performance Clear Coat provides fast drying with zero compromises. With reduced baking times and unparalleled productivity savings, 8-814 not only delivers a quality finish but also significantly reduces energy consumption.

DeBeer Refinish National Training Manager Brad Franklin notes "The 8-814 Fast Performance Clear Coat redefines automotive refinishing. Its accelerated curing time streamlines your operation and reduces energy consumption."

A standout feature of the DeBeer 8-814 is its ability to slash baking times. Traditional clear coats require extended baking, consuming considerable energy. The DeBeer 8-814 formula reduces baking to only 10 minutes at 60°C without compromising the quality of finish. Franklin highlights, "Reducing bake times allow workshops to enhance throughput without compromising the impeccable DeBeer quality."

This reduced bake time helps improve productivity. By cutting vehicle booth time, workshops can expedite their workflow, accommodating more jobs within the same timeframe. Franklin emphasises, "The 8-814 optimises productivity, enabling workshops to handle more projects, boosting revenue while reducing operational costs."


Additionally, the environmental impact is noteworthy. Reduced baking time translates to substantial energy savings. "Shortening the bake cycle enables substantial cuts in energy consumption, resulting in lower emissions but also a reduced energy bill.

Unlike other fast clear coats, the 8-814 is not limited to small, fast repairs. It can deliver a flawless finish on spot repairs and medium sized jobs of up to five panels. “Simplicity and flexibility are key features of the 8-814,” Franklin says, “Combined with an easy 2:1 mixing ratio, the 8-814 is compatible with both DeBeer Waterbase 900 and Berobase 500 Series basecoats.

DeBeer 8-814 Fast Performance Clear Coat marks a significant milestone in automotive refinishing. Its productivity savings and reduced baking times elevate operational efficiency and champion sustainability. Franklin summarises, "It's a step forward for workshops, customers, and sustainability."

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