Say hello to FLYO E-Foil. Foiling is a completely new means of transportation - a hybrid of surfing and hydrofoil technology that replaces the traditional fin at the bottom of a surfboard with a much longer, hydrodynamically designed fin called a blade. The blade has wings at its base to help riders glide above the water. And the board itself includes a self-stabilising system and a battery that is controlled by a wireless handheld throttle controller, making it compact enough for riders to have fun, even without wind or waves, opening up whole new areas to explore.  And almost everything beneath the water on FLYO E-Foil is painted with Cromax.

The FLYO E-Foil is equipped with an almost silent and emission-free lithium-ion battery, which sits in the board. The construction of the board means it is not only impressive looking but also safe to use. The super-thin but very strong design helps you feel, once you are up and going, like you are sitting on virtually nothing. The battery propels it and enables the surfer to glide about one meter above the surface of the water.

Wiktor Kitman, CEO of FLYO Boards based in Poland, and the designer of the FLYO E-Foil, has been surfing for over 15 years, including four years professionally. He spent a lot of time searching for equipment that would make it possible to achieve even better stunts. He designed the FLYO E-Foil because he knew it would enable easier gliding and greater manoeuvrability. And thanks to the advanced, self-stabilising system that helps correct your standing position, it is no longer a sport just for professionals.

The carbon fibre wings of the FLYO E-Foil were prepped with Cromax's Carbon Fibre Sealer U190 and then finished with CC6700 Ultra Performance Clear. 800R Plastic Adhesion Promoter was applied to the motor housing and propeller, then Centari C6000 Low Emission Basecoat and finally 3050S ChromaClear with our AU175 Flattening Binder created the durable matt black finish.

Kevin Torfs, our Cromax Brand Manager for EMEA, says, “Dynamic, innovative, revolutionary – these are all words that spring to mind when I think of our brand and the products we bring to the market. And FLYO Boards perfectly represent these characteristics too. It’s great to see our products come to life in a new way with this forward-thinking company and excel in such demanding environments.”

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