• Kate Zovi and Wallaby founder Jim Crisp
    Kate Zovi and Wallaby founder Jim Crisp

The Paint & Panel team were honoured to celebrate Sydney-based Wallaby Crash Supplies 30th anniversary in Sydney’s Barangaroo district.

Founder Jim Crisp was there with the entire Wallaby crew as well as a number of business partners including Axalta. 

Over the last decade a huge number of paint suppliers have exited the industry while Wallaby has flourished. The secret to their success was summed up by Wallaby's Kate Zovi. Axalta's Steven Brett in his speech said he had once asked Zovi what differentiated the Wallaby team from other paint distributors. Was it systems, processes? "We give a shit" said Zovi.

Giving a shit results in high levels of customer satisfaction and retention and Crisp is sure with his highly motivated team that those anniversaries will keep coming.

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