After a COVID-19 enforced layoff in 2020, the PPG Colour Matching Competition is making a triumphant return for 2021 as it continues to promote this fundamental skill.  

For around three decades, the PPG Colour Matching Competition has challenged spray painting apprentices to match it with the best in an effort to win colour matching acclaim, along with some very cool prizes. It took a full-blown pandemic to force the first ever cancellation of the event but the PPG organising team have been very busy planning its return for 2021. Best of all, no one should miss out due to the interruption. If you were a spray painting apprentice between June and August 2020, who would have taken part in last year’s event, you are eligible to enter in 2021, alongside this year’s current crop of apprentices. 

The same but different 

While it continues to focus on colour matching theory and practical skills, the ongoing fallout from COVID-19 means the 2021 event has to happen a little differently. State / regional competitions will still run, between around June and September 2021, to give a large number of apprentices the opportunity to test their skills and the winners can still earn the right to represent their state in the final. However, where state winners would traditionally gather in person for the final, it will be their winning spray-out cards that make the journey. Rather than one spray-out card for each of their final colours (a solid colour and a metallic / pearl), contestants will prepare two. One remains in the state record, while the other is sent to PPG’s Clayton Colour Laboratory. Each spray-out will be ‘blind’ assessed by a panel of judges so they won’t know which state it comes from. As per usual, the results will be third and second placegetters, along with a winner who will be crowned 2021 PPG Colour Matching Champion!

Awesome prizes 

Along with the prestige of winning and the positive impact it can have on a future career, there are also some very cool prizes on offer. State level winnerget their hands on SATA’s latest premier spray gun, the SATAjet X 5500, while finishing first, second or third in the final means further fab rewards which can include MIRKA toolsadditional SATA spray equipment, gaming consoles, gift cards, etc. It’s anticipated that those who place first, second and third in the final will have their prizes delivered to their workplace by the PPG team. 

Sign up today 

State / regional competitions are usually held between June and September and limited spots are available so it’s important to get entries in early. To register your interest or speak to your training provider or sign up here. In the meantime, keep in touch via the PPG Colour Matching Competition Facebook Group. 

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