We’ve got a real big hitter on the show this week - a man who has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Richard Pratt is the Board Chairman of I-CAR Australia, who are doing a great job at upskilling the industry.
You’ve heard of I-CAR, and maybe you’ve already benefited from their training, but it’s worth being reminded of what they have to offer. Our industry is evolving at breakneck speed - just look at the rise of EVs in recent years - so make sure you listen to Richard to find out how you and your team can upskill and keep up with the latest trends.
In this week’s episode you will learn:
  • How Richard got started
  • What inspired Richard to build up I-CAR
  • How I-CAR rode out difficult times in the beginning
  • What I-CAR can do for you
  • Is TAFE training adequate?
  • How OEMs are helping to school the industry
  • The future of apprenticeships
  • Will there be more key roles in bodyshops?
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