The automotive industry will be most familiar with Australian Factoring Company (AFC)  the preferred cash flow funder for collision repairers in Australia.

 AFC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Butn (pronounced Button) Limited, which listed on the ASX in July 2021.   Shortly after listing Butn secured a strategic partnership with Ola, one of the world’s leading mobility / ride-sharing platforms.   Rael Ross, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Butn recently announced "The partnership will see Ola drivers in Australia have access to Butn Assist , a 24/7 hotline for assistance in case of accident or breakdown, with an extensive national network of panel shops ready to get drivers back on the road quickly. ”

Ola’s 100,000 drivers in Australia were most comforted to learn of the new Butn one-call-solves-it-all solution.  Previously, at scenes of accidents, Ola drivers were typically left contemplating their next move.  An ambulance? A tow? A reliable repairer? Google?

AFC’s Head of Operations, Karen Smith, is engaging with the entire Butn Network of preferred repairers throughout Australia, emphasising the significance of timely and quality repairs for Ola drivers.  “We have been judicious in selecting panel shops in our major capital cities, covering each from its inner-city region, through to the outer suburbs and to all points of the compass. This would ensure, that in the event of an accident, an Ola driver will have a go-to repairer in close proximity to the collision.    Ola drivers in regional towns and cities are also accommodated, with a preferred paint and panel shop ready and capable of getting drivers back on the road quickly”.

Ola continues to bring new services to support its drivers / partners and customers. “The association with Butn is one such initiative”, said Gaurav Porwal, Ola’s Chief Operating Officer, and added “that this would result in improved safety on the road and enable drivers to get back on the road quickly”.

Ash Goldman, Butn’s Head of Partnerships & Revenue, is currently working closely with Ola to develop a continuing communication program directed at the entire Ola driver network:  that a one phone-call to the Butn hotline is all that’s needed to get a towing service take the vehicle to a Butn Network preferred repairer.

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