A number of readers have been asking for an update on the Auto Industry (AI) Co-Op since we last reported online back in June. You can find an interview with co-op principles Tod Sarina and Buddy Mowad on page 18 of the latest magazine. You can access this magazine digitally here.

Since then the AI has launched its website and welcomed founding members from across Australia and New Zealand. AI's Tod Sarina said: "AI's Online Times Manual is in its final stages of testing. We have been in talks with the insurance underwriter around the claims and assesing processes. We don't want this to be 'more of the same' we are aiming to have a fair and frictionless process which will be to the advantage of the repairer and the insurer - and most importantly - to the customer who has been involved in an accident.

"We had hoped to have been fully launched by now but obviously creating something this new and different has its challenges under the rollercoaster business environment that the pandemic has caused," he said.

More information on the AI website.

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