We have a truly remarkable guest on the show this week. Paul Dunn is the co-founder and chairman of B1G1 - a magnificent initiative that enables people and businesses to give money to good causes when a product/service is bought. Paul is an award-winning entrepreneur who has given three TEDx talks… he is definitely worth listening to!
Listen to the show to hear Paul’s amazing story, and find out how a collision-repair business can give something back.


In this week’s episode you will learn:
  • How Paul got started with B1G1
  • How to use a trigger to do good in business
  • The meaning of ‘the power of small’
  • The importance of small details in business
  • How purpose can increase the longevity of a business
  • How purpose can help connection
  • How the collision-repair industry can incorporate Paul’s ideas
  • The importance of legacy
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