• Len Hollis I-CAR
    Len Hollis I-CAR

Len Hollis Repair Facility’s Darren Myers knows the key to his success in achieving AMBRA Shop Grading is his commitment to training. He was one of the first shops in NSW to achieve I-CAR Gold Class and that investment in training has made his latest achievement a whole lot easier.

After becoming one of the early adopters to Car Craft’s move into the Sydney Metro market Myers knew that going for the industry approved accreditation was part of the deal. The Car Craft Group adopted the industry's national accreditation programme from inception and has made it part of its policies for the national network.

Myers said: "After meeting all the requirements, of which the training is probably the longest part of the journey, we were eager to get the guys at MTA NSW through to carry out the audit and they made it pretty straight forward.

"The guys at Car Craft Group Head Office in Perth have been the drivers of this excellent program and assisted the early audit process by working with the local MTA to help them find a straight forward audit process and not over complicate things and this has been brought into our local MTA. Car Craft should be congratulated for their unwavering support of AMBRA Shop Grading and leading the way for the rest of industry," he said.

"I would encourage all bodyshop owners to take a good look at the AMBRA Shop Grading and make contact with your local association and find out more about it, I’m certainly glad my association is across it, and I’m proud to be first here in NSW and I know my fellow NSW Car Craft members are not far behind me.

Brenton Daniel, Senior Division Manager at MTA NSW said: "We were thrilled to present Darren with the Level 4 Manufacturer Approved Repairer AMBRA shop grading, the first business to achieve AMBRA grading in NSW.

"This is not a tick and flick exercise, there has to be 100% compliance with training, equipment and Green Stamp environmental accreditation," he said. 

All Subaru repairers are required to undertake AMBRA shop grading which is also driving the programme. The grading has four levels for repairers at different structural levels from rapid to manufacturer approved, with a level 5 for heavy vehicle repairs. The grading is open to any repair business regardless of whether they are members of MTA.

Visit the AMBRA website for more details. 


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