• James Knox
    James Knox

James Knox has a 360 degree view of the collision repair industry having been a CFO at Suncorp and Auto & General and CEO of Repairhub - moulding it to the network it is today. Now he's CEO at Auto Parts Group and is passionate about spreading the word about aftermarket parts - a highly contentious area in this industry. 

We don't have the notes for this week's podcast episode yet but listening in, Knox talks about profit opportunities for repairers in their use of parts. Knox discusses the lack of incentives for repairers to use certified aftermarket parts and how insurers need to come to the party for everyone to achieve savings. APG is campaigning with insurance companies to have the percentages adjusted on the use of aftermarket parts so that repairers receive a fair percentage mark up. 

The show notes will be published later in the week. 



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