You are in for a treat this week as you can listen to one of the great sessions we had at Paint & Panel L!VE Success Summit a couple of weeks ago. 

This episode is all about how business coaching can inspire collision repairers to achieve record performance. Our man Ben Fewtrell was up on stage at the Paint & Panel Success Summit with two great guys who are living proof of the power of coaching… and we recorded it all for you! 

We’ll be hearing from Gene Finn of Bodyworks in Launceston, Tasmania; and Steve Davies: co-owner of Northside Smash Repairs in Brisbane. As well as our interviewer-extraordinaire Ben, there were some great questions from the floor. By the end of it you’ll have a great practical insight into what business coaching can do for your collision repair business.

In this week’s episode you will learn:

-How business coaching has helped drive success for Gene and Steve

-How to move from hub to spoke as a business owner

-The importance of delegation

-Why you should value your own time as an hourly rate

-When you’re saying yes to something, you’re saying no to something else

-How trade has been in Tasmania

-How to be brave and double your pricing

-How to get a clearer picture of your business from above

-Why you should turn down work if you’re too busy

-How Steve took the plunge and cut ties with a provider who gave him 75% of his work

-Powerful change management

-How business coaching can stop you being a victim


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