In the Paint and Panel podcast this week, learn about digital marketing and how to use it to grow your business.

Our esteemed podcast host Ben Fewtrell leads us through a helpful and inspiring explanation of digital marketing and how you can apply it to your collision business to maximise your returns.


Ben gave a brilliant presentation at the Collision Repair Expo in Melbourne the other week, so we thought we’d share the recording with you. Ben has helped many collision repair businesses get on top of their digital marketing, and now here he is helping yours. If you’ve got a collision repair business and you want to do more with your digital marketing, this is the show for you!

 In this week’s episode you will learn:

·       The best way to use Facebook as a marketing tool

·       How many of your customers are likely to be on Facebook

·       Why blogging is an essential part of the marketing mix

·       How to use LinkedIn

·       How Instagram can show off your best repair work

·       How to solve other problems beyond just fixing cars

·       How to make people buy from you rather than from ads

·       How to gauge the intent of your online audience

·       Google’s most popular search terms

·       The power of the subconscious in marketing

·       Why low-commitment offers are the best

·       The do's and don’ts of boosting Facebook posts

·       Facebook ‘lookalike audiences’

·       How to use QR codes to your advantage

So get on and have a listen.

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