AMA Group has made further allegations against former CEO Andrew Hopkins six months after he resigned from the company, according to The Age newspaper. In addition to the cars for his family and the painting of his winery Swings and Roundabouts he has now been accused of charging the company for renovations at his Perth waterfront home and at the winery. 

Hopkins has denied any wrong doing, but company lawyers have added to their  list of claims against him in a new statement of claim lodged in the Federal Court. It alleges Hopkins charged the company more than $700,000 for building works at his Swings and Roundabouts Winery in Yallingup, in addition to works at his Dalkeith waterfront residence. 

The claims, lodged on June 30, alleged $702,986.87 of works completed at the winery were charged to a service company which is a subsidiary of the AMA Group. On Thursday, a spokesperson for Hopkins rejected the new claims. “This is another false accusation from AMA that is unsubstantiated and will be proven so in court,” they said. “Whilst these are matters for the court to ultimately determine, our client takes the view that this claim by AMA is unsubstantiated and simply won’t be made out.” 

"Neither the Service Company nor any member of the AMA Group gained any benefit," the claim states, adding that Hopkins didn't disclose to the company that the cash was being spent on his private dwellings nor did they agree to the costs. The lawyers also allege Hopkins instructed a procurement officer to direct the builders to bill AMA sites where they weren't doing any work instead of the winery. 

An earlier state of claimed filed in May alleged that tradesmen completing jobs at Hopkins home had been instructed to write up invoices as work on AMA sites. An invoice allegedly sent by a painter to a procurement officer said: 'this is work I have done at andy [sic] house said to put it down as Osborne Park Gemini.'

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