Fix Auto Australia has seen two of its newest franchisees fully rebrand and open for business again, all while navigating the challenges of COVID19. 

Fix Auto Sunshine, Melbourne and Fix Auto Northern Beaches located in Cromer, NSW, have both undertaken significant rebranding programmes whilst aligning with the brand requirements of the world’s largest independent repair network. 

Both location upgrades included extensive works to both the interior and exterior of the shops with special attention paid to customer waiting areas to ensure customers are comfortable and have all the required amenities on site to ensure their experience is an exceptional one. A dedicated waiting area, refreshments and access to WIFI are all available to customers. Allocated customer parking for and dedicated vehicle appraisal spaces are also on site and aim to make the experience of dropping off and picking up vehicles effortless and safe. 

Commenting on the rebrand of their facility in Sunshine, John Gebing said: “We have always had great road presence with our location and have held this prominent position for 54 years. Being able to transform our business with such a striking brand identity has been an exciting experience for us. You can imagine after 54 years in one place; people notice when you make a change of this scale. We have also taken the opportunity to rethink the flow of customers through our shop and reconfigured the space to put the customer first and make their experience with us a truly enjoyable one. Everyone loves the new look, from customers to staff, it is just another example of how joining the network has revitalised our business”. 

In NSW the most recent franchisee to join the network Fix Auto Northern Beaches’ Jason Walsh said: “We have always delivered fantastic service here, but have revelled in the opportunity to upgrade and rebrand our location to create the visual impact that reflects the professionalism and customer care we deliver daily. The feedback from customers is already very positive, we are really happy with the transformation overall”. 

Stuart Faid, Head of Fix Network Australia said “ The rebranding of a location is the first big change we undertake with our franchise partners. It is an opportunity for them to reinvent themselves under our banner. They get to take a fresh look at how they use their site, how they handle customers and process work efficiently, make changes if needed, with our support and guidance along the way.  Without a doubt it is an invigorating experience for all involved and it is a real joy to see the passion to do great things return to a site once it is rebranded and ready to open its doors under its new identity”. 


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