If hiding your light under a bushel was an Olympic sport then the collision repair industry would be gold medal winners every time. When I encounter great businesses who have never been in the running for a Paint & Panel Bodyshop Award and I ask why the answers run along the lines of 'oh we just keep our head down and get one with things,' 'we don't think we're special'. 


Here are just five reasons you should nominate your business this year.

1) It's not just about you the business owner - it's about the team you employ. Nominating your business for the award and then telling your team you have because you think they do a great job and that their joint efforts makes your business stand out is a massive morale booster, whether you win or not.

2) Preparing your business to be seen through someone else's eyes give you a different perspective that can bring about new ideas. It's also a good excuse for a tidy up.

3) Getting feedback on where your business sits in the marketplace and the things that you do well is also useful market information.

4) Many business owners who win say it inspires them to keep innovating and trying new things to improve the business.

5) National recognition for finalists and winners raises the business profile with work providors and if marketed well with customers and the local marketplace.

See what one of last year's winners Jamie Damer from Perth Autobody Repairs has to say about what winning the award meant to him.

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