Diagnostics and recalibration are two of the most important technologies to understand in collision repair right now. If you undertake in house diagnostics or repair any vehicle with a diagnostic port then we urge you to listen to the this webinar. It's two hour long but if you sign up to Dave Luehr's excellent and totally free webinar programme then you can listen and relisten to it at your leisure. I learned so much from it and it truly scares me with so many repairs are being undertaken improperly around the world as there is so much education needed around the subject with every make and model different. 

Here's the link to the webinar.

"It's Not Just About DTC's" with Mike Anderson & Jake Rodenroth 


You do not want to miss this exciting session with Jake Rodenroth of asTech and Mike Anderson of Collision Advice. This power-packed, 2-hour training holds crucial information for you and your team. 

In this session, Mike and Jake share WHY you can’t just rely on DTC’s when pre scanning the vehicles, insights on calibrations, as well as the differences between OEM and Aftermarket Scan tools. In addition, if you are having issues getting reimbursed from third party payers, Jake and Mike share their secrets to success… such as steps to scanning, itemizing your DTC’s, and verifying the horizontal and vertical axis alignments of specific components. 

MEET THE EXPERT :: Mike Anderson, Collision Advice

Mike Anderson is a former multi shop owner, based out of Alexandria, Virginia. Mike’s shops had multiple OEM certifications, including Audi, VW, Porsche, Nissan GTR and many others.  In addition, his staff was Toyota and BMW factory trained as at that time a Collision Repair facility could not be certified unless owned by a dealership.

Mike is an Accredited Master Automotive Manager (AMAM) through The Automotive Management Institute (AMi). He also participates in the development of the Collision ASE testing for technicians and estimators in the USA. Mike also is fully certified in all Collision categories for ASE. Mike has presented to groups across North America as well as Canada, Mexico and Australia. Prior to Covid, Mike traveled on average over 300 days a year working with all stake holders in the Collision Repair Industry. Collision Advice facilitates 20 groups all across North America. In addition Collision Advice has been selected by several OEM’s to provide their factory training in regards to Estimating, Scanning and Calibrations. Participants in Mike Anderson's seminars consistently rate them as exceeding their expectations and highly recommend his seminars to others. Mike also produces a quarterly summary of the latest trends and statistics in the US for the Collision Industry, as well as conducts quarterly surveys of over 28,000 Collision Repair Professionals in regards to Insurer reimbursement.  These surveys are called, “Who Pays for What” Speaking with passion as well as firsthand experience, Mike will not only teach you  cutting edge management techniques, but he is guaranteed to leave you laughing as well.


MEET THE EXPERT :: Jake Rodenroth, asTech

Jake Rodenroth is the Director of OEM and Industry Technical Relations at asTech. Jake hails from Jacksonville, FL where he started working on cars with his father. At eighteen he entered the automotive business as a technician for Mercedes Benz. After working on the mechanical side, Jake spent the next 13 years with Osteen’s Auto Body working in various roles. Learning the business from the ground up, he helped the company become a Jaguar and Land Rover structural aluminum certified facility in 2004.    

At asTech®, Jake is responsible for OEM relations and certified collision network procurement programs. He has worked with companies like ICAR and Verifacts to create awareness and build curriculum about diagnostics in the collision space. He also works with groups like SCRS and Collision Advice to help educate the industry on constantly changing vehicle technology.



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