• Damian and Leanne Caddies
    Damian and Leanne Caddies

Col Summerhayes Crash and Combined Auto Repairs in Townsville have both joined the Car Craft Group.

The shops are highly professional and family owned businesses run by Leanne and Damian Caddies.

With a number of OEM and Insurer badges in their repertoire these shops are a welcome addition to the Car Craft Group’s Queensland network.

Damian told Car Craft Queensland’s General Manager, Ben Chesterfield, that the reason they joined the Car Craft Group was because they can see the benefit of networking among like-minded repairers and felt that the direction of the Car Craft group was a major opportunity for their businesses.

Chesterfield added that the addition of the two shops of this calibre is testament to the belief in the benefits independent repairers are seeing in joining the Car Craft Group. With their inclusion there are now 38 Car Craft members in Queensland and closing in on 150 nationally.

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