I-CAR Australia has announced that Cambro Motors has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status. 

 The Road to Gold process was very easy, we opted for the self managed training option. During the Victorian lockdown, our employees had time to participate in online training, which was very flexible as we were able to access the training anytime throughout the day. The videos followed by questions were helpful for employees to understand and memorise the topic,”  Giulio Saraullo, director of Cambro Motors said.

Staff have enjoyed the online training, it was similar to previous training they had completed where they had the option to do individual or group training here. Most of the time I would pair up employees this way so they had the option to discuss the topics. Having the option to go back and check each topic was also helpful when they struggled with any of the answers.  The completion certificates have been well received and have also boosted their confidence. 

 "Knowing the team at Cambro Motors all put in the effort to achieve Gold Class is a rewarding and proud feeling,  Saraullo said.  

Cambro Motors is located in Clayton, Victoria and is part of the Suncorp Insurance repairer network.  An I-CAR spokesperson said: "It is wonderful to see Cambro Motors achieve Gold Class status. Their attitude and dedication towards training since joining the program has been first class. Their staff members have embraced and enjoyed the training which has developed their knowledge and understanding of modern vehicle repair. Congratulations to all involved" 


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