The two Melbourne businesses that has been selected for the Paint & Panel Business Transformation journey are underway with their business coach Simon Moore from Max My Profit.

David and Clarissa Iacobucci DSI Panels and Sam and Darren Xuereb from Point Cook Collision Repairs (PCCR) have both won six months business coaching and whatever other assistance Paint & Panel can facilitate to turbocharge their business. DSI is planning its third branch and will purpose build the premises, PCCR is well underway with its new build five minutes down the road from the current shop.

Simon Whitaker Max My Profit business coach told us: “In the initial coaching sessions it is apparent that these two businesses are at different stages of development although they share similar challenges. DSI is looking to grow the business but admit that they need to work on their leadership skills and people management to improve team performance. I’ll be assisting them on understanding different personality profiles and how to motivate them. We’ll be working on tools and strategies to manage diverse people better. 

For Darren at Point Cook Collision it’s about letting go and working on the business not on the tools. We need to change the mindset from managing a business to that of a business owner – two very different outlooks. Obviously the skills shortage is challenging but we’ll also be working on how to attract people to your business and creating the culture that also retains people. We have around six months to do this before the new facility opens up when recruitment will be vital," he said.

The Xuerebs from PCCC are looking to woo OEM approvals in their new premises and accordingly Darren, a qualified panel technician, understands the need for I-CAR training. Thanks to Jason Trewin from I-CAR who dropped into see Darren last week, he now has a tailored training program to take him to Platinum status. Trewin says that many people are intimidated by the number of courses available and simply don't know where to start. "We are always on hand to give people advice about which courses to start with and which will be the most relevant and useful to the." Trewin said.

" I-CAR Australia are excited to work with Darren and Sam at Point Cook Collision Repairs as part of the Paint and Panel  business transformation program. Darren will take part in several programs through the virtual and online training platforms and will be guided through the process to achieve his I-CAR Platinum certification. Its always fantastic to work with businesses within our industry that are continually looking at ways to improve their knowledge and skills to complete, safe, and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of their consumers. Cannot wait to see the transformation," Trewin said.

The Xuerebs will be investing in some new Car-O-Liner equipment for the new premises and Lindsay Batton from Car-O-Liner will be dropping by with the virtual workshop planner that can really help Darren to ensure a great design and actually 'walk' through different configurations. Darren is also listening to advice from Lowbake on paintshop layout as the Melbourne based company will be supplying the paintshop equipment. We'll be keeping you up to date on the two couple's progress in the magazine, online and in our podcasts. 





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