The automotive landscape is undergoing a monumental shift with a rise in the number of hybrid and electric vehicles on our roads. As these vehicles become a regular sight in our bodyshops, the collision repair industry is forced to adapt its processes. How do we navigate the unique hazards and risks of electric and hybrid vehicle repairs while ensuring our technicians work safely around them?

Earlier in the year, Axalta ANZ announced a new partnership with MTA Queensland. To launch the collaboration, the first initiative took place on 14November with a short 2-hour Electric Vehicle Awareness session. The course entailed the safety aspects and repair processes a collision repairer would consider when faced with the unfamiliar vehicles. Run by the MTA Queensland training team, it was aimed at young apprentices, the future of the industry where EVs will be commonplace.

In the repair of electric vehicles, it is critical to consider the necessary process changes. The EV Safety Awareness course offered a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in handling high-voltage components and complex structure and materials. Beyond the technical expertise required, our initiative places an immense focus on the safety of technicians throughout the entire repair process.

At the forefront of the initiative is our commitment to the future of the industry. Geared towards young minds, the EV course leverages the generations’ tech-savvy nature to prepare them for the challenges presented by electric vehicles. We not only invite apprentices to attend future initiatives, but also value their feedback upon completion to refine and evolve our approach.

Axalta and MTA Queensland look forward to more collaborative training sessions next year at their new regional training academy.

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