Thanks to APG for this account of their study tour at the end of 2023.

Picture this: a landscape dominated by aging vehicles, inflation, and affordability concerns. Amongst it all, APG is quickly becoming a pivotal player in Australia’s automotive future. APG, believe Aftermarket parts could quickly become the game-charger this industry is looking for.

This journey isn't just solidifying APG's standing; it's cementing a future where high-quality, certified products don't just drive the industry forward; they floor it. 

During a 4-day aftermarket tour of Taiwan, APG played host to a group of 14 repairers, insurers, and key multi-site operators. The adventure kicked off with a visit to Depo in the Taiwan city of Tainan, an organisation deeply committed to excellence and active in nearly 200 countries. Their dedication to manufacturing and selling high-quality car headlights and automobile parts perfectly aligns with APG's vision for quality aftermarket solutions. APG National category Manager, Michael Francis thought that “from an automotive industry perspective, it was great exposure to understand the quality control and development that goes into the product” he said.

Next up was TYC, the light experts, who welcomed APG, showcasing decades of experience and technological prowess. Their devotion to third-party certifications ensures that their lamps maintain an OE likeness in fit, form, and function – a crucial factor in the aftermarket sector.

On the third day of the tour, the spotlight was on Tong Yang Group, boasting a 60-year track record of international automotive body manufacturing excellence. As APG explored their world-class technologies, it became evident why TYG is a leading supplier to both OEM and aftermarket sectors, covering a wide range of automotive components. "Our customers and insurance stakeholders were blown away by the quality of our Taiwanese suppliers," James Knox, CEO of APG said.

The grand finale took the group of 14 from Tainan to Hushan, the largest aftermarket door handle manufacturer globally. With over 10,000 parts in stock and a focus on parking cameras and sensors, Hushan's CAPA Certification marked a significant milestone in the aftermarket landscape.

During this tour, an Intertek professional conducted a presentation around the CAPA Certification process, including opportunities within the Australian Market.

Rob Bartlett, Managing Consultant of Supplyside said “It was great to compare notes with the tour group on the opportunities certified aftermarket has for reducing claims repair costs. Really interesting few days. Well worth deep diving into the market, meeting the main players and seeing their facilities.” 

Stuart Faid, Regional Vice President & Head of Business – Asia, Australia and New Zealand at Fix Network said it was: “A jam-packed itinerary taking in some outstanding manufacturing facilities as well as getting a thorough education on quality assurance. It is a wonder we don't mandate high quality CAPA certified parts on a significant proportion of the repair volumes in our industry. Cost effective, high quality and warranted. It seems an easy way to impact repair costs without compromising quality, safety or commercial viability for all involved.”

APG's key relationships with suppliers, especially with Taiwan-based manufacturers like Depo, TYC, TYG, and Hushan, form a robust foundation for their aftermarket portfolio. These globally recognised vendors ensure that APG remains at the forefront of innovation.

As APG wrapped up its Taiwan expedition, the consensus by all was that it was a week filled with insightful presentations, culinary delights, and a different perspective. The journey not only solidified APG's standing in the automotive aftermarket but also set the stage for a future where certified products will continue to drive the industry forward. Stay tuned as APG continues to lead the charge in Australia's evolving automotive landscape.

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