Geelong Collision Centre has been awarded I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

“Entering the Road to Gold Program was a strategic move to elevate the standards at Geelong Collision Centre. My decision was fuelled by an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence to our customers. I recognised that Gold Class status is not just a badge but a testament to our dedication to ensuring that every repair we undertake reflects the highest quality and professionalism. The Program offered a comprehensive framework, ensuring my team's skills and knowledge remain at the forefront of the collision repair industry," said Danny Buzadzic, director of Western General Bodyworks Group.

"From my perspective, the I-CAR training has proven to be immensely relevant and actionable in the contemporary collision industry. The program didn't just meet expectations; it exceeded them by providing hands-on, practical learning experiences that directly address the industry's basics. The depth of coverage on advanced repair techniques, materials, and emerging technologies has elevated our team's proficiency.” 

“My team's learning experience with the Road to Gold Program has been exceptional. The Program offers a perfect blend of flexibility and depth. The Online Courses provide the convenience of seamlessly integrating learning into their own schedules, while the Virtual Classrooms ensure real-time engagement.  The Hands-On Certification solidifies their practical skills and underscores their dedication. The relevance of the content to real-world repair scenarios has made the learning not just informative but immediately applicable in our daily operations, ensuring that the acquired knowledge translates into real-world results. It has become a cornerstone of our commitment to ensuring all of our staff are at the forefront of the collision repair industry," he said. 

"The feedback from our staff regarding training has been overwhelmingly positive too.  Team members express increased confidence in handling modern repair challenges, and the hands-on Certification has become a point of pride, showcasing their dedication and competence. Beyond elevated technical proficiency, the training has fostered a proactive learning attitude, enhanced job satisfaction and contributed to a positive and motivated work environment.

 "Overall, the benefits are tangible — a more skilled and confident team ready to provide top-notch repairs.  Moreover, the commitment to continuous learning embedded in the annual Gold Class renewal ensures that our shop remains abreast of the latest industry trends.” Buzadzic said.

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