Proving you can buy anything at ALDI the supermarket giant has launched its own insurance products including comprehensive car insurance promising to 'stay true to the company’s DNA of simplicity while delivering everyday competitive prices for Australian shoppers.'

ALDI says the insurance  has key features to save customers both time and money and provide clarity in a notoriously complex sector where ALDI Insurance customers can get a quote in 3 minutes.

Rodney Balech, Group Director ALDI Australia said, “We are excited to be expanding our ‘Good Different’ offering into new categories with ALDI Insurance bringing even more savings to Aussies at a time when they need it most. We know that Australians have been calling for a trusted insurance provider that not only provides a reliable and accessible service but also doesn’t break the bank. With the launch of ALDI Insurance, we’re bringing our expertise in competitive pricing and quality products to the insurance vertical, while partnering with Honey’s tried and true insurance experience to give customers confidence in the products,” said Balech.

“We have stripped the complexity out of Comprehensive Car, Home and Contents Insurance and Landlord’s Insurance to deliver a straightforward product with exceptional value.” 

“Just like our grocery offering, we won’t be engaging in one-off rewards or conditional discounts, we want to bring to the insurance market what we have successfully delivered in our grocery operations – a trusted, high quality product, with Aussie insurance partners that delivers every day competitive prices for customers,” he said.

ALDI Insurance is backed by Honey Insurance and RACQ Insurance. 

Honey Insurance founder and CEO, Richard Joffe, said At Honey, we put the customer at the centre of how we design insurance; from coverage, to the simplicity of getting a quote or making a claim. Partnering with ALDI was a natural fit given our shared desire to bring a more trustworthy and straightforward insurance product to Australian customers. Honey is proud to be the exclusive partner for ALDI Insurance and we are thrilled to be joining forces with ALDI to help Australians keep their homes and cars safer; and all at a price that gives Aussie households the great value they deserve.”

ALDI Insurance customers will receive the same everyday competitive price for an insurance renewal, as a quote for a new customer on the same policy. This consistency means customers holding an existing ALDI Insurance policy can have the same assurance that they are getting a high value product at a competitive price point every year without being penalised for loyalty the company says.

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